3 Natural Mama Cleaning Agents to Use in Your Home

It’s especially important to be cautious of products during your pregnancy.  It can be exhausting sometimes reading over lists of ingredients to avoid, foods not to eat, etc… Everything seems to be dangerous these days.  With all the gimmicks and FDA loopholes,  it’s also hard to tell which brands and claims you can trust. Thankfully, you really can avoid a lot of the expensive claim-driven products and clean with natural products you should be able to find in your everyday kitchen.  It couldn’t be cheaper and easier to clean your house and home safely and effectively!

Here are a few basic items to get you started:

  • Lemons

  • IMG_20130810_174933Vinegar

  • Baking soda

  • Water


A note on vinegar* Vinegar, that is distilled white vinegar, is safe for stone, most metals if rinsed well, glass, ceramic tile and other inert surfaces.  It could wear away wood and soften linoleum so be careful.

Listed below are a few of the many things you can do with these simple ingredients.


1. Counter Top and Mirror Cleaner

What you need: Vinegar and water

Once I learned vinegar will naturally kill most bacteria and molds and inhibit new bacteria to form I was hooked.  I bought a plastic spray bottle and labeled it vinegar and mixed it with 50/50 water vinegar solution and vala! Counter cleaner.

2.  Drain Cleaner

What you need: Baking soda, vinegar, and water

Sprinkle half a small box of baking soda down your drain.  Then, pour about a cup of vinegar and it should bubble like a 7th grade science experiment.  Note: For clogged drains you may need heavier(harsh) agents to resolve the problem.

3.  Toy Sanitizer

What you need:  a damp cloth and a small bowl of vinegar

Dip cloth in vinegar and wipe down toys thoroughly.   Allow to dry naturally.  Don’t worry the vinegar smell should subside once dry.

4.  Ant Deterrent

What you need: lemon juice or salt

I discovered this one recently due to the fact that most homes in my area are constantly invaded by ants during the summer months.  With small children at home most of the day, I was determined to find a natural solution that is safe but still effective.

I tested out a corner of the house with a crevice that ants seemed to march out of every so often.  I read salt would stop them. I placed about a tbsp of salt in the crevice area blocking their pathway the rest of the house. It seemed to have worked, until, my kids dropped a crumb in the area and they decided to invade anyways. I tried my next plan of attack. Lemon juice.  I took a lemon half and just squeezed about a tablespoon in the are the ants would be marching through. The lemon juice did the trick!  Needless to say the ants didn’t come out of that corner anymore and began invading out of one of the other hundred crevices of the house.

5.  Stainless Steel Pot Cleaner

What you need:  baking soda and water

I used to buy the special cans of stainless steel cleaner.  While they are inexpensive, I wondered why I couldn’t use baking soda with a little water and a wet sponge.  The baking soda works out perfectly as a mild abrasive, gentle enough not to scratch the pans, but effective enough to remove stuck on foods.

6.  Herbicide

What you need: vinegar

If you have a weed problem in your hard you don’t want o spray any toxic chemicals if you have pets or small children.  Spraying full strength vinegar should solve the problem.

7.  Stains and Odors from Plastic Food Containers

What you need:  lemon and baking soda

For the most part you should probably be using glass containers to store your foods, but that’s a different article.  I do use containers to store cereals and non-permeable foods in the pantry.  To rid of those stains and odors that seem to remain well after the use simply soak plastic food storage containers in diluted lemon juice for about 30 minutes. Add baking soda and scrub, rinse and dry.


The bottom line is there are a lot of inexpensive safe alternatives to the harsh cleaning products that most households use on a daily basis.   For tough jobs, they might not always make the cut.  But, they are worth a try to cut down on your household expenses and ensure your family has a safer place to live and play.  If you must use harsh cleaning products for tough jobs be sure to use a mask to stop from inhaling the fumes and protective eye wear, ask your partner or friend to do the dirty work, or splurge and hire a maid service.

Have another non-toxic cleaning solution?  We’d love to hear below 🙂

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