5 BABY Products You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money On

One day as my husband and I looked around our living room and dining area at the swing, bouncer, diaper pail, napper, toys, bumbo, etc… we asked ourselves a question.  

Why does someone so small that literally only eats, sleeps, and poops all day long need so much stuff?  

Well, the answer is they don’t!  

And they’ll probably only use a fraction of it.  The problem is each baby is different and there’s no way to really tell if they’ll take to it except by buying it and giving it a try.  I think my kids stayed in the jumperoo for a few minutes at a time (if we were lucky) before crying to get out.  And the thing cost $145. Yikes!

 Well, for a lot of items you’ll learn the hard way so buy from a consignment shop if you have one in your community.  There are, however, a few items you can definitely pass on to keep a few bucks in your pocket.

1. Shoesbaby-shoes-921539_1280

Yes, those little tiny baby shoes are so adorable and… expensive!  Trust me your baby will not get up and start walking around at 1, 2, or even 6 months.  Ok, ok I totally get it if you have a family portrait, wedding, or other special occasion.  But, definitely not a necessity.


2. Wipe Warmers

Nice thought, but definitely not necessary.  A newborn will go back to sleep probably in 5 min or less after a diaper change if he is tired.

3.  Infant Car Seat and Stroller Toys

Maybe you’ll have better luck, but my kids couldn’t have cared less about these colorful toys everyone seems to be pushing around along with their little bundle.  They were happy enough looking at all the new and interesting things the outside world had to offer.

4. Teethers

They’ll maybe gnaw on one for 30 seconds and then spit it out. Then, you’ll have to wash it and give it back to him. Repeat. Repeat. Eghhh.  You get the point.

5. Diaper Pails

Come on human feces is gonna smell regardless if you open it up the entire lid or just a small hole.  Especially, when it’s a huge bag of nothing else but dirty diapers.  I suggest using your regular trash can and if it’s a real stinker take it directly outside.

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