5 Ways to Bolster Your Stay at Home Child’s Socialization

An important component in a child’s development is one that maybe overlooked by a SAHP (stay at home parent).  Socialization is a definite advantage of sending a child to daycare or preschool.  But, as a SAHP, can you get your child the socialization they need?  If your like a lot of families with only one parent working, then, your on a tight budget.  This means you can’t necessarily afford all of the costly classes and camps to socialize your little one.  More and more families must begin to get creative to squeeze in those lessons of sharing, turn taking, and following directions.


Cost Effective Tips to Include More Socialization:


1.  Join a local Moms group

Moms club.org and meet up.com are great sources to find other local moms looking for play dates and other fun activities.  A lot of them are free, but some may have a minimal monthly or annual fee.  If you don’t have one more in your area you can always start your own.

2.  Story times at libraries, book stores, and coffee shops.

A great free way to work on your child’s listening and sitting skills.  They might just make a new friend too.

3.  Watch another toddler part time in your home.

You’ve got the skills and mind set.  Why not make some extra spending cash while socializing your child.  You’ll probably want to get CPR certified to be more marketable.  Also, look into regulations for your state on how many little ones you can legally watch before a license is necessary.

4.  Join a gym with a kids room. 

A great way to socialize you child and get some exercise.  Why it’s great–get out of the house and time to yourself without the hubby sacrificing his time after a hard day at work.

5.  Play at the local park.

There are usually other kiddos playing.  They’re not a constant in your child’s life which can be important, but if nothing else, they’ll need to take turns going down the slide.


Keep your eyes open for free or small fee community events and activities that are kid friendly.  You may be surprised on how many activities you will be able to take your little ones to for play, learning, and socializing.


Perhaps, you’re an experienced STAP with some suggestions!  We’d love to hear them in the comments section!



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