Hi there. My name is Angela.  Welcome to my site!   I’m a mother of two adorable kiddos and the founder of Mind and Body Mama, a growing holistic wellness resource for women during pregnancy and in the postpartum.  I love to read, hike, play on the sandy coast, and practice yoga in my spare time.

One of my passions is supporting women during the perinatal journey;  a rite of passage that should be nurtured and respected.  I help my moms-to-be cultivate a mindful pregnancy and birth by infusing spirituality, intuition, mind-body awareness, aromatherapy, and the power of healing foods into my doula work and coaching practice.

After receiving my degree in Psychology, I willingly detoured my career to journey through motherhood.  It wasn’t until after giving birth to my first child I realized my passion to have an educated, more individualized birth with nurturing support and began to seek a more holistic natural way of life.   I was dissatisfied with my lack of support and empowerment during my pregnancy and childbirth experience and knew there had to be a better way.  It wasn’t until I found out what a doula was, that I had my “Ah Hah moment”.

After my second birth, I experienced extreme hip pain and realized my postpartum exercise routine was actually do more harm than good!   I know, I know!  I’m a mom of two and I know the desire to lose the baby weight!   But, I implore you to make peace and love your body and treat it well instead!  I began prenatal/postpartum fitness training  to help other pregnant women and new moms experience better birth outcomes and recover their vitality in the postpartum safely.  I’m proud to say through healing foods, safe alternative therapies and safe exercises, I’ve completely healed my hip and pelvis pain associated with my childbirth that was almost unbearable for several months. Since then, I’ve completed many specialty trainings and workshops focused on wellness in the perinatal period.  I’m constantly carving out time to further my knowledge of holistic wellness to incorporate in my daily life and to share with my clients on their journey into motherhood.  I’ve created the I ♥ My Pregnancy Wellness Program to do just that!

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