Attn: Postnatal Fitness Clients

I will no longer be offering an option for single postnatal fitness sessions.    Packages will start with a minimum of three sessions.  I do not feel I can safely prescribed an exercise plan with out first holding a preliminary session to review your history and assess your current physical and recovery level.  Make sense?  I hope so!


When you sign up for a fitness package your initial session will be a fitness consultation  so we can devise a plan that will fit your needs and is safe for your fitness and recovery level.

A fitness consultation includes:

  • Review of your present and past exercise routines, needs, medical history, pregnancy/delivery information, postpartum issues/concerns, etc.
  • Diastasis Recti check
  • Fitness assessment
  • Review of important information related to exercising after pregnancy
  • Teach proper alignment to be practiced daily
  • Teach Conscious Breathing to activate your core and pelvic floor


After evaluating your current condition and understanding your history and goals from the initial session, I will then devise a workout plan that you can follow to heal from pregnancy/delivery, strengthen your core, and develop a regular exercise routine that will promote vitality and weight loss .


See my Recondition After Delivery Page for more details…



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