Decorating Easter Eggs with Safe Natural Alternatives Instead of Toxic Dyes

I’m always looking for ways to make things just a little bit safer or healthier for my kiddos.  Well, holidays and other special occasions are no different.

della easter 2012


A great article I came across I’ll have to use next Easter gives many natural food sources for coloring Easter eggs instead of harsh dyes.
Shunning artificial dyes doesn’t mean giving up traditions |

We already have most of the items at home so it shouldn’t be hard decorating colorful eggs with the kiddos minus all the toxins 🙂  I also found that strawberries and blueberries will make great colors mushed and mixed with some white vinegar.  Although, if you love your fruit like us, it may be hard not to eat them instead.

This sparked an interest to discover other occasions in which I could easily make a switch to natural safe alternatives.  Here are a couple suggestions:

Decorate cookies and other goodies with natural colored sprinkles and  food coloring.  A good option for natural food coloring are ones made from plant, fruit, and vegetable extracts.

I like India Tree for decorating  our homemade goodies

Make your own Christmas wreath.  This idea is thrifty and a fun craft to work on with your toddler.  It will also make the house smell like Christmas pine.  I usually can get tree scraps from a local tree farm for free. Then you just need a foam or metal wreath frame, craft wire, and some decorations from a discount store.

Have fun with the holiday and find new ways to get creative the safe and natural way!

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