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Just  a note about your fitness routine I’d like to share .

If you’re pregnant you’ll want to save this for later. ( I know you’re preparing your mind and body for delivery and baby right now 😉

If your in the postpartum period or basically have ever had children and never reconditioned your body properly this information will be useful.

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“The 3 Biggest Mistakes New Moms Make While Exercising”

Let’s be real there’s two reason I’m offering this information for free.

  1.  It’s important! I know I’ve been there! A new mom’s health and vitality are often overlooked in the postpartum period so when they do find the time they push themselves way too hard and often do damaging exercises.
  2. I want to keep you in the loop on new information and offerings in the future.  I love to share tidbits about the info I gain because I’m always learning and, well, excited about it!( Your email is always kept confidential and I promise I don’t spam or send out info too often.)


If you feel your new mom recovery is important you can check out my sessions and classes under the prenatal and postnatal fitness tab on my website.

Not in Connecticut?  Not to worry, a unique online training program is in the works!  I’ll keep you posted;)

So to recap

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