A Premium Package with One-on-One Support for a Positive Pregnancy & Birth

Ready to stay active and energized during your pregnancy?


Are your seeking to lower your risk of pregnancy complications and interventions?


Have you hit a roadblock preparing for your upcoming birth?


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Pregnancy shouldn’t be a time of stress! Or feeling fatigued and uncomfortable!  Take the guess work and stress out of your pregnancy wellness routine!  classy pregnancy


Through one-on- one I ♥ My Pregnancy™ Wellness Program you’ll gain the tools and continuous motivation to have a glowing pregnancy and go into childbirth feeling confident.


When you sign up for your pregnancy wellness program you’ll get…


A Foundation Session:

Initial coaching call with wellness strategies based on your particular needs and goals. We’ll do a physical assessment to gauge your fitness and health status.  We’ll discuss your hopes, desires, fears, for your upcoming birth.

I’ll have you fill out some questionnaires via email so I can do my “homework” before the call.

coaching call



  • Bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) – ongoing coaching calls to discuss how your feeling, work through any lingering issues, and determine your priorities for labor and delivery.
  • Unlimited email support (Answered every Monday and Thursday) for your questions and concerns between coaching calls.

Home withTea

Monthly Membership Goodies Sent Straight to Your Inbox:

You’ll receive a unique monthly email bundle packed with a evidence based information, exercises, nutritional advice with recipes, and inspiration tailored toward your stage in pregnancy.straightto yourlaptop3




Access to the Mind and Body Mama’s “family”– online growing facebook community to motivate & empower you through your pregnancy and birth experience.

Stay part of the group in your postpartum to uplift others and share your advice!


So are you ready to make your pregnancy wellness a priority?




You’ll gain monthly access to revolutionary info…


  • Exercises and yoga poses , with your stage of pregnancy in mind, to ease pregnancy discomforts and prepare your body for delivery!
  • Nourishing recipes specifically concocted to sustain the needs of your pregnant body.  And tested and retested by yours truly!
  • Evidence based research to help decide which options for labor and birth are best for you and your baby.
  • Tips for engaging baby in proper position and nudging labor naturally.
  • Practice positions (via video call) for labor and how to use a birth ball.
  • Learn how your partner can better assist you during labor.


3 and 6 month packages are now available!  If you happen to deliver during your package you’ll seamlessly transfer over to postpartum support!  I also offer single sessions focusing on one issue to see if a I ♥ My Pregnancy Coaching Package is right for you.


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