Let the Training Begin!

I’ve just signed up to become certified as a birth doula through Birth Arts International.  For those of you that may not know, a doula is a source of support for a women during her pregnancy and the short period afterwards.  They are trained to support women emotionally and educated to help them determine the services she needs during her labor and delivery.

So why this certification you ask?  Well, I must admit there is something about giving birth yourself that makes you think you have all the answers and you want to share your wealth of knowledge with others.  Now, I know I dont know everything there is and I’m sure I will learn a little something from each client.  After all, every women is different and so is every birth experience. I’ve gathered stories from others about their pregnancies and birth experiences and then, of course, there are my own. I know with healthy habits a women can immensely improve her pregnancy experience. Also, a well informed and well supported mama-to-be is much better off.  My goal is to incorporate other wellness aspects into my services that I am passionate about including nutrition, herbal and aromatherapy, and yoga.