My Bag of Tricks – 9 Must Haves For Your Doula Bag

IMG_20130626_103144So, there are definitely no tricks hidden in my doula bag that can speed up a delivery or guarantee to make it less painful.  What I can say is I have carefully selected what I will bring so I am not fumbling through a million things when it is go time, my bag doesn’t weigh a ton, and I only have items I feel would really help to comfort and support a laboring women.  I’m curious and excited to see how my list will evolve as I become a seasoned doula.


So here they are not in any special order:

1.  Birth Ball 

If you desire one in your birth plan and if the birth setting doesn’t already supply one.

2.  A new chap-stick for the mom-to-be

3. Massage tool ( tennis ball also will come in handy)

4. All natural organic massage oil

5.  Music selection

-Will be customized based on prenatal consultation discussions.

6. Coconut Water

One on hand is great for myself and one for the momma-to-be to stay hydrated.

7. Fan

Great for when mom has a moment when she is burning up.  It will happen!

8. Colored Washcloth

One can have many uses. To cool down the forehead, mop up sweat, or to squeeze.  Bring colored so they don’t get confused with hospital cloths.

9.  Hair Ties

Always good to have a few extras handy.


What not to Bring:  You shouldn’t be reading your labor handbook when the mother is reaching 9 centimeters, but it is OK to have a small chart picturing different positions.  It’s crunch time and everyone has a million emotions running through them.  It’s OK to need a reference.  It’s not OK to ask the laboring mother to hold on while you reread a chapter.

Regardless of what you have in your bag, the most important thing you can bring is yourself.   That means being prepared and not preoccupied with other things to give full support to the mother and family in need.



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