4 New Mom Essentials For Staying Fit And Healthy.

Things a new mom should not be without!


1.  Blender


 If your a new mom you may already know how hard it is to remember to stay nourished.  A smoothie or meal replacement drink with some almond or coconut milk, frozen fruits, and leafy greens will keep you going with out much fuss or clean up.  Also, great for pureeing first baby foods at around 6 months postpartum.

Here’s a great recipe I love!

Peanut Butter Cacao Love Smoothie

I cup unsweetened almond/coconut milk

1 tbsp. peanut butter

1 tbsp. raw cacao powder

1 cup frozen bananas chunked ( be sure to peel and cut before freezing)

1 cup spinach or baby kale

1 half avacodo

Blend and drink with straw or spoon!


2.  Stroller/Jogging Stroller (usually at about 6 months postpartum)



You can exercise and you and your kiddo can both get fresh air.

Joggers usually have good storage underneath so you can pack a diaper bag and lunch and have a picnic at a park too.  There’s nothing more tiring than a full day of changing diapers and rocking a crying baby with no relief or change or scenery.

Make a date with the outdoors  and soak up some Vitamin D to feel refreshed and energized! For extra benefit, find a patch of grass or dirt to walk barefoot on to become grounded with the Earth’s energy.


3.  Postnatal Fitness or Yoga Class



Exercise in the postpartum period will help alleviate common ailments, gain much needed energy, and relieve stress.  Just be sure the instructor is trained on precautions for the postpartum population!

Also, a specialty class is the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded women. Socializing with other new moms with the same interests will help keep your sanity 😉

Learn more about my postpartum class tailored toward new moms here…http://www.mindandbodymama.com/prenatal-postnatal-fitness-services/pelvic-floor-and-core-restore/

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4. Naps



Sleep when the baby sleeps! Or hire a postpartum doula in the first few weeks after delivery.

Trust me. You may not catch up for years!

Find out more on sleeping tips for new moms at  http://www.mindandbodymama.com/sleep-why-its-important-and-tips-for-new-moms/

What have you found to be a wellness necessity in the postpartum period??  Tell us in the comments!


Here’s to staying fit and healthy mamas!





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