New Moms Take Care-Pelvic Floor and Core Restore–Classes Forming at the Canton Community Center

Joining a group program such as an exercise class specifically for the postpartum is not only great for your physical health, but also helps get “new mom” the socialization many moms don’t seem to fit in.


Benefits of Postnatal Exercise

1. Helps to reduce post-natal depression known as the “baby blues”

2. Quicker recovery back to your pre-pregnancy body

3. Increased much-needed energy

4. Stress release (time to focus on yourself)



My  program “Pelvic Floor and Core Restore” will be coming soon to the Canton Community Center.  Following ACOG guidelines,  this class will incorporate breath work and myofascial release to begin healing the pelvic floor through guided energy flow and releasing tension. Also, included are a generous warm up and exercises necessary to promote healing and strength for the postnatal body.


pelvicfloor class canton community center


Beginning Saturday February 6th thru Saturday  March 12, 2016.  This 6 week course is designed for the newly postpartum woman in mind.  The main focus is to use exercise that will assist in healing the pelvic floor and reconditioning safely.   Modifications and exercises to avoid will be discussed.

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