Pregnancy Affirmations – Fostering Beliefs for a Positive Pregnancy and Birth

PhotoGrid_1379440409734Research suggests that positive affirmations when used on a daily basis alters our “self-talk” and, in turn, what we believe to be true.  Pregnancy affirmations are especially important to keep the expectant mom confident about pregnancy and labor and delivery.  They can also help mom connect with the baby in the womb and during the 4th trimester.

The key is to start off with comfortable affirmations that will be easy for you to believe.  Try to visualize these positive affirmations as you say them for them to really affect your mindset.

Repeat several of the following  daily.  You can also have your partner or doula read you your labor affirmations during contractions.



I am keeping my baby safe and healthy.

I am growing a beautiful healthy baby.

I only crave what will nourish my body. (I loved to use when shopping or raiding the fridge)

I am bringing blood and oxygen flowing to my baby. (especially good while walking or exercising)

I am strong and healthy.

I am embracing my beautiful pregnant body.



I am excited to give birth to my baby.

I trust my body to do exactly what it is meant to do.

I was built for this.

My body and baby are ready for this day.

I am relaxed.

I am ready for childbirth.

Everything will happen as it should.

My body is wonderfully made to give birth.

I will breathe slowly and deeply to relax my muscles.

I will relax, breathe, and open for my baby to come out.



I love my baby.

I am the best mother I can be.

My baby is healthy and happy.


If you have any favorite affirmations that I missed, feel free to share in the comments below.

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