Pelvic Floor and Core Restore

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“Many women are so eager to lose their post-baby weight they jump right back into their pre-pregnancy routine or begin an extreme exercise program.  –I know, I was one of them!”

-Angela Rooney, Owner of Mind and Body Mama

There are many precautions and modifications a woman in the postpartum period should adhere to during exercise, but through my experience “we” seldom do.

A gentle program after baby will start a good foundation for success without compromising your healing.

Your still healing even six months after your delivery!

Many exercises can actually put more stress on your already weakened pelvic floor causing problems, such as incontinence and organ prolapse (bladder and/ or uterus will fall from lack of support).  You should AVOID any exercises that increase intra abdominal pressure or downward movement of the pelvic floor

I will help you in a gentle exercise routine appropriate for your fitness and recovery level.  I will be able to gauge whether your core is strong enough to move on to the next stage of exercise.



This is a great class to ease you back into a fitness routine post baby. It is a low key workout that focuses on all the areas usually ignored in the quest to lose weight. Angela is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. As a result of this class, I learned a lot about my postpartum body and how to take care of it.”

-Lisa, past client


My program, Pelvic Floor and Core Restore, is a personal training style session in the comfort of your own home.  Available in-person in the Farmington Valley or online.

(Must be at least 6 weeks postpartum, 2 months if c-section, with care providers approval.)



  • A 4-week program slowly progressing each week to ease into exercise and recondition your body.
  • Includes Free Fitness Consultation ($79 value) reviewing delivery information, health/fitness history, precautions, and postpartum concerns
  • Conscious breathing to sync your deep core muscles
  • Learn to check for Diastisis Recti (splitting of the abdominals)
  • Meet with me once a week for 4 weeks (1 hr.), in- person or online, to work on core stabilization, strength training, and Entire Core Box reconditioning exercises.  The first 10 minutes we’ll discuss issues and concerns, review precautions and protocols, and go over your individualized plan.
  • Access From Anywhere –You’ll receive an email PDF with each weeks exercises and instructions

*Bonus*  For a limited time I’ll be offering Unlimited email and text support (Answered within 48 hours) for your questions and concerns between coaching calls.

Please Note:  In addition to your Care providers approval, I strongly recommend at least one visit to a women’s health (pelvic floor) physical therapist so we are aware of your internal state.

*Mileage charge of $1 per mile applies for destinations 15 miles outside of zip code 06019.

Disclaimer:  Results are not guaranteed and will vary by individual.   There are risks with any fitness routine especially during pregnancy and in the postpartum. Seek your care providers approval before beginning any fitness routine.  Always contact your care provider with questions/concerns.