Quick and Easy Homemade Hummus

One of my favorite snacks is hummus with carrots sticks and whole grain flat-bread.  My kiddos also love hummus rolled in a wrap with shredded veggies.  For years, I’ve bought store brand hummus and recently made the switch to making my own thanks to my new food processor 🙂

Here are the basic ingredients:

  • 12 oz  of garbanzo beans drained ( canned or soaked and cooked dried beans)
  • 1 tbsp. tahini (sesame paste generally found in the natural food section with the nut butters)
  • juice of half a lemon
  • 3 cloves of roasted garlic
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 tbsp. filtered water
  • 1tsp. cumin
  • salt and pepper to taste

It’s really very simple.  Just combine all the ingredients listed below in the food processor and blend until you get a nice creamy consistency.

I also love making a sun dried tomato hummus.  I use about 4-5 sun dried tomatoes from a  jar in oil and minus the cumin.

Feel Good About Including it in Your Pregnancy Diet

One tablespoon of hummus contains a little over 1 gram of protein. Protein is an essential nutrient during pregnancy to support your baby’s growth. The same serving of hummus also contains almost 1 gram of dietary fiber. During pregnancy, dietary fiber contributes to a decreased risk of constipation which is very common in the third trimester. Most importantly, a serving of hummus contains folic acid which is crucial to reduce your baby’s risk of being born with neural tube defects. Hummus also supplies you with a good amount of iron, zinc and potassium.


Eat with fresh veggies and flat bread or spread on your next wrap.   Enjoy!



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