Quick & Easy Workout for Strong Arms During Pregnancy (or Anytime Really)

It’s important your arms are strong  to lift yourself out of bed the first few days (maybe longer with cesarean), hold your baby, carry and lift the car seat, stroller, etc.  So lets not neglect the arms!

You’ll feel so much better getting exercise mama!  Less aches and pains, better sleep, and your baby will be much healthier too!

Some women use pregnancy as an excuse to sit around and eat whatever they “crave”.  Don’t do this! You’ll feel like crap!


My philosophy is…

The most important time to be health conscious and devote your spare time to exercise and planning nutritious meals, is when you are growing a baby”.



So let’s get to it, shall we?!


Try this arm work out out for size and let me know how you feel.  It’s quick and easy, shouldnt take you more than 10 minute, but if you add it into your routine you’ll keep your arms tone and strong for all that extra lifting you’ll be doing!  You’ll also strengthen your shoulders and back!


Grab a set of 5 lbs dumbells or whatever you’re comfortable with today.  You can always just make fists and use your own resistance.  Find a chair or comfortable seat to sit on while doing your arms.

Makes sure you have a slight bend of the knees and refresh yourself  with my post on precautions.


We’re gonna do a circuit, so do one exercise then rotate to the next. Do it twice for 2 sets of 15 reps each.  Remember to keep good posture and use slow and controlled movements that engage your muscles.

AND stay hydrated!

Tip to add intensity: If your in earlier pregnancy, you may want to sit on a birth ball to engage and strengthen your core.


Strong Arms


Don’t forget to do some cool down stretches (eg. over the chest bicep stretch and overhead tricep stretch)!



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