Remember the GOLDEN RULE!

These days with two toddlers I find myself repeating this principle to my oldest, my 3 year old, daily or even hourly sometimes.  Whether it be about sharing, pushing, taking, or yelling, the rule seems to be appropriate to mention most of the time.  She recently learned of Confucius’s teaching- – to do onto others as we would like to be treated –after one romping around before bath time that involved chasing and knocking her little brother down each time she reached him. 

It seems to really resonate by giving her examples of how she feels when someone doesn’t share with her or pushes her or doesn’t include her in play.

Now I can just say, “Golden Rule” and she knows exactly what it means.  Much better than yelling in a rant, “Don’t push your brother down like that, he will get hurt. You wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you would you? You should be nice instead.”

The least amount of energy needed to expel your point the better in my opinion.  You save your energy, the kids don’t witness mommy in another rant, etc.

Remember the Golden Rule. Something all of us may need a reminder about from time to time. 

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