So my resolution is a little bit different this year than years in the past.  Of course, I want the usual get in shape and lose 5 pounds, eat healthy and exercise, the whole bit.  But, this year in addition to continue on my healthy path, I am adding organization.  I want to be Zen. Get rid of the clutter, keep things organized and give my mind room for new ideas and clarity.

My main obstacles to tackle are:
1. My closet.  I want to get rid of everything I don’t wear, but I wish I could.  Things I hold onto in case I gain or lose weight, and items I don’t feel completely comfortable in.  I’ m going to stick with buying essential items that every wardrobe needs and not buy impulse purchase that will just sit in my closet.
2. Finances.  I want to keep a tidy budget and track all of our spending.  Keep organization of all bills and the usernames, passwords, and automatic withdrawals that go along with them in the folder.  Also, combine my accounts with my husbands so we can efficiently track the money we make, spend, and save. We will need 1 checking that has direct deposit of wages going in and automatic billing payments and money to savings going out.  Two savings accounts.  One account will collect money we are saving for vacations, gifting, and anything else that might not be the same every month.  The second is a strict savings with money going in and not going out unless it is an emergency.
3. Everything kids.  Sell or donate their old clothing, toys, and any other items we don’t need anymore.  Print and organize their baby pictures and mementos.   Its easy to start with a first child and not continue on due to lack of time and energy. The youngest needs a book too!
4. Find a Place!  Lastly, I will be working on finding a place for everything in the home. No more overflowing junk drawer.  If we don’t use it, chuck it. If we use it then, there should be a neat and tidy place for it.
Here’s to resolutions being a success!

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